Our history

We are a Danish company, which was established in 2014 in the Northern part of Denmark. We provide Danish quality products in combination with Danish culture and H.C. Andersen.

We have our roots well planted in the Danish culture, although, as a company we are very new, and several of our employees have many years of experience in doing business with China. Through 15 years of engaging with China and the Chinese market, we have built a deep understanding for exactly this – sometimes- ignored factor of success. Therefore, we are specialized in this bridge building process between Danish and Chinese culture in relation to the vital gift exchange that exists in many occasions.

Concept and idea

H.C. Andersen is well known to many children and adults, and H.C. Andersen is not only recognized in China, but he is also one of Denmark’s most well known brands. The concept is, therefore, a combination of Denmark, H.C. Andersen, Danish culture, Chinese gift giving culture, and Danish quality products. In this way it is possible for the customer to give a gift, which contains a part of Denmark, that is targeted China and Chinese interests.


We aim to become the favorite and leading supplier of Danish quality products, wrapped in a strong Danish brand, H.C. Andersen, within the Asian market.


Our mission is to offer quality products with a unique, Danish origin with H.C. Andersen as brand. This shall differentiate and create valuable experiences for the customer in relation to the below:

  • To give a product which through its uncompromising approach towards quality creates an experience for the customer in relation to ease, confidence and storytelling.
  • To give the customer a luxurious experience by only using products of the highest quality and among the finest in the world.
  • To give the customer an experience of that with behaviour and culture it is possible to strengthen the professional relation to a partner.
  • To give the customer the possibility to experience H.C. Andersen and his fairytales in combination with Danish quality products and storytelling.
  • To create a strong Danish product based on Danish quality products in relation to a well established Danish image.


  • The passion for Danish quality products, H.C. Andersen and the connection between China and Denmark are the driving force of the organisation.
  • Professionalism and customer service are the keys to success. The customer will always be met with a high degree of professionalism and a high level of service at all stages of the buying process.
  • Dedication when it concerns the quality of our products. We choose only the best Danish products and partners, whom we knows also will deliver high quality products.
  • For us, commitment is imperative in order to make sure that the customer always gets a great experience and, therefore, is willing to do business with us in many years to come.