New product

The newest product is the world famous butter cookies from Denmark. Each cookie is baked with the best ingredients. With its rich, filling taste and crispy bite, the cookie is the best for every golden moment. The product consists of a H.C. Andersen decorated tin, with 454 g. of butter cookies, and “The Ugly Duckling” written in a booklet format in English or Chinese. Furthermore, a fairytale designed sleeve is folded around the tin. The perfect gift.

Article in Nordjyske

Nordjyske wrote this very inspiring article about us!

nordjyske 2

H.C. A’s 100 years in China

In December our books were used at the event “H.C. Andersen’s 100 years in China”, with the famous Chinese TV host, Ju Ping.


New products

The newest product is a H.C. Andersen art tin, which consists of 275 g. of handmade chocolate from Sv. Michelsen Chocolate. This product includes “The Ugly Duckling” in a booklet format in Chinese. Furthermore, the product also contains a fairytale sleeve.

H.C. Andersen kunstdåsen