We collaborate with several different organizations in Denmark. We collaborate with Sv. Michelsen Chocolate A/S concerning the content of the products. Furthermore, we work closely together with Odense City Museum concerning H.C. Andersen and his brand. The company is also a member of Danish Chinese Business Forum, which is an organization that gathers Danish companies with interests in China. Furthermore, we are also a member of Dansk Industri which gathers many different Danish companies in one network. Please see and read more about all our collaborators below.


We offer solutions for all types of companies and businesses, both big and small organizations. We can adjust the products to fit every customer individually.


See below where we have gathered a list of customers. Here it is possible to read our customers’ experiences with us. Furthermore, it is also possible to see what our products can be used for. See for example how Illum in Copenhagen have displayed the books in their Sv. Michelsen Chocolate Shop.

Another of our customers, Seafood Sales ApS, recently used our H.C. Andersen fairytale book at a big congress in China, where the book was used as gifts for their Chinese relations.