The Chinese culture and Chinese holidays

Since ancient times, Confucianism and conservative philosophies have heavily influenced the Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese holidays are an essential part of harvests or prayer offerings. The most important Chinese holidays are the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). Besides that, there are also the Lantern Festival, the Duanwu Festival, the Qixi Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival, the Chongyang Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals.

The Chinese gift-giving culture

As one of the oldest civilisations, China has a very long and exquisite gift-giving culture during specific holidays. Even today, there are still many ancient Chinese idioms that are related to giving gifts. For example, “Li Shang Wang Lai” means that when a person treats others with gifts and politeness, he is also expected to be treated in the same way. And “Qian li song e mao, li qing qing yi zhong” means that “when you send a goose feather for a thousand miles away, the gift is light however with deep emotions.” Today at the business occasions, holidays, festivals, family visits, Chinese people always have special gifts to exchange in order to show their respect and sincerity meanwhile to build up a close relationship or partnership.

The meanings behind a gift

Now in the 21st century, the meaning behind gifts becomes richer and more significant, especially after China joined the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2001. Therefore, when doing business with China, how to give a special and outstanding gift that represents a company/organisation’s culture and spirits, becomes more and more important. Choosing a correct gift could gain a big advantage within the bilateral relationship and leave a deep impression to your Chinese partners or clients. So what is a right gift? In the Chinese perspective, a right gift shall possess unique cultural background, with premium quality and ingenuity and can be easily understood by the receivers. Besides that, a right gift is also an excellent way to establish a distinct impression and positive image while branding a company.